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The power of the network #webforgood

My mission has always been to promote a vision of the future that is not only viable but thrive-able and enticing. Recently, I’ve heard some incredibly moving stories from teachers tasked with educating our young about current world events and it occurs to me that we put an enormous burden on the shoulders of our children, imparting our knowledge and apparent helplessness in the face of climate change, while inadvertently we risk creating a generation of nihilists.

To this end, there has never been a more important time to be a skilled communicator. To mitigate this potential sea of apathy, we must share stories of hope, improvement, new ways of thinking and the ideas of people and organisations already hard at work to create a better future. We need to galvanise people into action, rather than bombard them with visions of a dystopian future that robs them of their agency and threatens their very humanity.

We need to rapidly seed and spread these ideas and messages of hope in our communities and across the planet. We need to strengthen our networks so we can be more resilient in times of rapid change. This is my ‘Why’ in life. This is what gets me up in the morning. And this is what gets me excited about the potential power of the intersection between tech, business and sustainability. As communicators, user-experience strategists, designers, inventors, business owners and coders there has never been a more important time to use our skills for good. 

Now, to work.

How & where would u start developing a strategy for a sustainable future? #sustainability #plastic #waste #futures

For my final assessment item I’ve been asked to devise a strategy for achieving a sustainable future in relation to a particular ‘sustainability’ issue (I’ve chosen plastic waste and toxicity). The thing about futures work and sustainability though is that it recognises that the answers lie in the cross-pollination & collaboration of lots of diverse people and ideas… which is where YOU come in :-) I’d love to hear your ideas on the following questions (using the comment box below):

  • What would a preferred (ie sustainable) future look like in terms of plastic waste and toxicity (think in 25-30 years time)?
  • Is the future radically different from the one we are now living in?
  • How would you go about planning it?
  • Where would you start?
  • Who would you involve?
  • What methods would you use to bring people together and effect behaviour change?
  • Can you envisage any resistance to this future?

Thanks for getting involved :-)